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What are IEIN™ Registration Agencies?

IEIN™ Registration Agencies are established to serve specific countries, groups of countries or specific sectors of the e-book industry. These registration agencies receive and process applications for IEIN™ and assign the actual numbers to specific works.

Registration Agencies are appointed by the IEIN™ Global Registration Agency.

The responsibilities of a IEIN™  Registration Agency include:

To manage the individual requests of the registrants and the registrations of the IEIN™ regionally.
Service readers accessing the IEIN™ database for consultation and inventory management purposes.
Generate local awareness through targeted marketing.
Become an IEIN™ Registration Agency

If you are considering starting a IEIN™ Registration Agency please send an email to <> providing the following details:
Description of your organization.
Territory or region where you plan to deploy your services.
Your target market.