What does IEIN™ mean?
IEIN™ stands for International eBook Identifier Number (for its acronym in English).

What is the IEIN™?
The IEIN™ is a technology "Cloud Computing" that generates through algorithms an international identifier number for an eBook exclusively, relating its metadata (title, author, publisher, country where it is published and the editorial features of the edition) and generating an intellectual property certificate. The IEIN™ offers the following features to eBooks:

1) Persistence and univocal location of the registered eBook, which can be found easily and quickly by any information system.
2) Electronic record of individual identity of author (Self-publishing) and collective (Publishers / Editorial Company), which allows to certify their copyright in a digital environment.
3) Online copyright certification for a registered eBook, using the Intellectual Property Digital Registration platform (SSDT).

  Self-publishing Publishers
Basic Standard Advanced Professional Enterprise
Number of IEIN™ records 3 10 50 100 Unlimited
Access to My IEIN™ control panel
eBook Persistence
Electronic identity record
Copyright certification
Automatic free updates
eBook QR code
Custom subdomain address
Custom brand in account
eBook Web Analytics Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Spread in Open Access programs Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
The IEIN™ Global Registration Agency does not influence or determine the cost of IEIN™ locally. Because there are several economic factors, it is likely that the registration costs of the IEIN™ will be different for each National Registration Agency. When an agency charges for the allocation of IEIN™, the price of the IEIN™ must be relative to the standard of living in the area of operation of the agency.
Frequently Asked Questions

What ebook formats does the IEIN™ register?
The IEIN™ accepts the most current formats (generic and native) in which eBooks are produced (AEH, AZW/AZW3, BBeB, CBR/CBZ, ePUB, FB2, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF, PRC, TCR, DjVu, OEB, OPF, TR2/TR3, DTB/DAISY, FBD/FBD2, WOLF, QED, TXT, HTML, CHM, EXE). If the format of your eBook is not included in the list, you can write an email to <> requesting more information about the registration process.

Should I register the IEIN™ separately for each eBook format?
Yes. In the case of editing an eBook in several formats, a separate IEIN™ must be registered for each format (for example, AZW, ePUB, PDF, etc.).

Who can register the IEIN™ of an eBook?
The registration of IEIN™ must be done by editors or copyright owners of the eBook or directly by their authors (Self-publishing / Publishers / Editorial Company). The IEIN™ registration request must be made prior to including Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions in an eBook.

What about the Digital Rights Management (DRM) of my eBook?
The IEIN™ is compatible with the Digital Rights Management (DRM) system and can be considered as a complementary technology but with features independent of the use of (DRM). The IEIN™ registration request must be made prior to including Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions in an eBook.
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